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Ghost Organs:
The Structures Left Behind by Cells

In order to function properly, cells need to be in specific 3D orientations. The stucture providing this function acts a scaffolding and is built by the cells in order to provide function and structure to organs; however, it is possible to wash away the cells and reuse this natural protein scaffold.

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Ethics of Experimentation Using Stem Cells

Novel scientific research is guided and held accountable by international ethical bodies and principles. This includes stem cell research which has additional protocols and guidelines developed by specialists in both ethics and stem cell science.

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Stem Cells: The Ultimate Cellular Blueprint

A single stem cell has all the information required to build an organism. Scientists study adult, inducible, and embryonic stem cells to better understand how they work and how their unique capabilities can be used in medicine.

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How a Jellyfish Changed the World

Bioluminescence, or glowing naturally, is a beautiful phenomenon that occurs in jellyfish. Scientists won the Nobel Prize for adapting this ability to use as a tool in biomedical research.

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Biomedical Sculpture: The Art of 3D Printing Living Tissue

Building three-dimensional objects using a computer file is no longer a futuristic idea. Scientists are using 3D printers as a tool to make many wonderful things, including engineering tissue for medical treatment.

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